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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Welcome to my home on the web!

Here you will find links to my work as well as information about what I write, read and care about.
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Have you ever wanted to receive a Christmas card from one of your favorite characters, or know someone who would? Pick a character from any one of my books and fill out the form here to get your personalized Christmas card.


Join me in Austin! Memorial Day weekend 2015 there will be a great author event in Austin. I'll be there along with many other awesome authors, to sell you new books, sign books, talk about books, and maybe even give away books! More info here.

Would you like to go the Austin Author Affair for free? One winner will be drawn on November 30th for two passes. All you have to do is book the hotel room and find a way to Austin for you and a friend. PLUS you get to have dinner with me and my husband.

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I can now autograph my e-books!

 My urban fantasy/paranormal romance books are available in Print at these Houston area bookstores:

Once & Again Books

 Once Read Twice Sold Books

Murder by the Book

Katy Budget Books